Congressional Record – Senate

November 14, 2011 at 18:18


101st Congress (1989-1990)

“Mr. President, during the recent August recess, I had the opportunity to visit my home State of Utah and listen to the response of Utahns to many national issues, including the flag-burning issue. The vast majority of Utahns are extremely upset at the Supreme Court’s recent decision, and the following song is typical of their response. `Don’t Tread on Old Glory’ was sung to me at a recent Nephi, UT, town meeting. The words were written by Russ Marsh and Jacque Mounteer, and the music was written by Russ Marsh and Larry Seely.” – Senator Orrin Hatch

Don’t Tread on Old Glory


From the high mountain peaks,
To the low desert plains,
And the lakes of Minnesota.
From the towns and the cities
To the high-rise buildings
From New York to California.
United we stand, as they
Strike up the band
Sing anthems to Old Glory.
Yet some will say, we want
To have our way
So they burned Old Glory.


Now don’t burn Old Glory
‘Cause if you do boys,
You’re treadin’ on our liberty.
Don’t step on Old Glory
‘Cause when you do boys
You’r walkin’ all over me.
Don’t tread on Old Glory.


Lookin’ back through the years
There was blood, sweat and tears.
Fightin’ for Old Glory.
So many have died
Keepin’ freedom alive
Don’t lose Old Glory.
Let’s pledge our allegiance
To the flag
Be one nation under God.
So we can stand and fight
‘Cause the time is right
For us to save Old Glory.


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