About Russ

November 21, 2011 at 22:12


Russ Marsh is the eighth child in a family of ten. He has always been a lover of music as are his brothers and sisters. But Russ has something special. He learned to play guitar from his mother.

When she passed away, Russ was just 11 years old. This event seemed to intensify his desire to play guitar and sing. He practiced for hours on his neighbor’s guitar. Russ learned quickly and loved it more every day. A duly impressed ladies club presented him with his very own guitar when he was 12 years old.

When Russ was in Junior High, he and his sisters were asked to sing on a local radio station. In High School he entertained his classmates at assemblies and sometimes in class. Russ would say, “It helps relieve the anxieties brought on by boredom.”

As a young man in the Marine Corps, Russ sang for his comrades when and wherever he could, and sometimes in places he shouldn’t have! While serving his country he wrote two very moving songs, “My Son, a Marine”, and “Who Cares About Me?”

You can ask Russ who his favorite performers are, and he will name Elvis Presley, Hank Snow and Mario Lanza without hesitation. A connoisseur of music, he likes all types and can enjoy listening to classical as well as down home country.

Russ has had a lot of wonderful experiences in the years he has been performing. He was the winner of a four-state contest through KSOP Radio. Russ has had thirteen gigs at the World’s Fair, has shared the spotlight with Marty Robins, Mel Tillis, Roy Drusky, Billy Armstrong, Hank Thompson, Judy Lynn, Tex Williams and Tiger Bell. He was also invited to go to the White House where he sang a beautiful song that he composed, “America Forever”. Russ has a great love for his country, and it is truly expressed in this song.

Russ has been namedUtah’s Entertainer of the Year and has performed at benefits and charities around the state.

Russ writes and sings about finding love, losing love, and finding it again. He writes about dreams fulfilled and bubbles burst, of love of neighbors, God and country. He writes music about the common people, clear voiced and honest, with free flowing melodies and a can’t sit still beat.

Russ is also a down-home kind of guy. Russ loves people and has often said, “You learn a lot from traveling, and meeting people. I guess the most important thing is that people everywhere have a lot in common…their joys, their dreams, their tragedies, and their hope for a better tomorrow”.